More people and tools at height

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Africa’s leading work-at-height and material-handling solutions provider, Eazi Access, has brought in the first JLG 460SJ HC3 telescopic boom in South Africa. The 460SJ HC3 – the first to be launched in JLG’s five-model Hi-Capacity range – addresses market requirements for more people and tools at height by allowing for more flexibility at height with three working zones and an enhanced capacity that permits up to three workers and tools into the platform. By Munesu Shoko, Capital Equipment News

Building on the predecessor 460SJ model, the new JLG 460SJ HC3 telescopic boom addresses market requirements with its greater capacity, allowing more people in the basket and increased flexibility at height.

Marcus Green, GM: Rental & Sales Support at Eazi Access, tells Capital Equipment News that a major market requirement in South Africa and other emerging markets is for companies to take more people and tools up to height. With the machine operator already occupying one of the two available spots in the basket in most conventional telescopic booms, contractors can only, therefore, take one artisan to work at height.

In cases where two artisans were needed, the artisans had to be trained to double up as operators of the machine to free up space on the basket. To address this market need, JLG is launching five new models in its Hi-Capacity line, ranging from 14 m to 28 m. The first to be launched is the JLG 460SJ HC3. The first unit to arrive in South Africa has already been deployed on a long-term rental contract, where, according to Green, it is performing beyond expectations.

“With the three-person platform, we can now take the operator and two artisans at full height. In the past, we had to provide a bigger machine to do the job because the smaller booms didn’t offer enough carrying capacity. It was a situation where we had to over-spec the machine, which was costly to the customer. With the arrival of this unit, this is a problem of the past. The increasing demand for more lifting capacity in the platform of boom lifts will be fully covered by the HC3 solution,” says Green.

The HC3 model is all about high capacity. A key talking point is the ability to take three people to full height in the basket. It also has the capacity which allows you to do a different job at height. For example, says Green, 5G Towers are currently being installed around South Africa, which technically means that contractors would need two technicians in a basket, an aerial that would need to be mounted as well as an operator.

“This model allows for more productivity in less time as it permits up to three occupants and tools to height in every zone,” says Green.

Machine in detail

The JLG 460SJ HC3 telescopic boom offers a 16,2 m working height and a maximum outreach of 13 m, depending on the platform load. It also offers a continuous 360-degree rotation. There is a 300 kg capacity available in the entire working envelope and 340 – 454 kg in the restricted area, allowing three people with tools in the basket and a maximum side inclination of 5 degrees.

“The HC in the HC3 refers to the machine’s high capacity, while the 3 stands for the three-person capacity and the three working areas to which the machine automatically adjusts itself. The 460 stands for 46 feet, while the SJ stands for Straight Jib,” says Green.

The machine, explains Green, has a maximum capacity of 454 kg, and the key point is that three persons can be in the basket throughout the entire range of movement. “This, therefore, allows for an operator and two artisans in the basket at all times, allowing the artisans to concentrate on their task at hand,” he says.

For example, three persons weighing in at 90 kg per individual amounts to 270 kg. The capacity of the unit is 454 kg, within a range, thus still allowing more capacity for tools. “Even at a range where full horizontal outreach is required, the capacity is 300 kg, which means there is room for 30 kg more worth of tools,” he says.

To ensure the safety and comfort of the operator and artisans, the machine is fitted with a 2,44 m basket, allowing for a large working platform at height. This means that artisans have a large working area over the length of the basket. There is, therefore, no need to reposition the machine all the time. The number of movements at height is limited, maximising safety and productivity.

To be able to cater for more capacity, JLG firstly created a strong base of the machine, putting extra weight in the chassis to act as a counterweight. Secondly, the manufacturer also upgraded the quality of the boom.

More features and benefits

Another key feature of the JLG 460SJ HC3 is the load sensing system, which eliminates the guesswork for operators, thus enhancing safety at height. With this system, there is no need to flip a switch to move from one capacity to the other; the machine senses the weight in the basket and automatically adjusts the range accordingly. This feature, says Green, keeps the machine within the allowable work envelope by limiting its use when the platform is overloaded.

“The moment you step into the basket, the machine automatically picks up the weight and immediately adjusts to the range you could work in. The smart design allows for a very safe working environment,” says Green.

“With JLG’s high capacity booms, operators can enjoy industry-leading basket outreach and capacity, allowing them to stay on the job longer, work more efficiently and effectively anywhere within the operating envelope,” he says. “Load sensing will automatically adjust the work envelope, allowing for the maximum work envelope or a restricted version.”

The 460SJ HC3 is also fitted with JLG’s ClearSky telematics system. It provides real-time information about the status of the machine, allowing for easier maintenance of equipment. All activities are logged and can be easily accessed via computer to provide support from a distance.

Meanwhile, the LED display in the platform indicates to operators which load chart is being operated. The upgraded light panel is more visible in the sun, while a chassis tilt alarm alerts the operator when the machine is on a slope that exceeds 5 degrees.

Tough market conditions

Commenting on the state of the market, Green says “it is a difficult market out there”. He, however, notes that Eazi Access has managed to stay focused in the face of Covid-19 as a result of its strong leadership and integrated team.

During the hard lockdown, the company focused its efforts on a strong training regime for its sales staff. “When the hard lockdown ended, we had a more knowledgeable sales force that went all out in the market to make it happen,” says Green.

“Throughout this difficult environment, Eazi Access has remained committed to partnering with our customers through safety improvements, productivity gains and costs saving initiatives. Finding safe solutions, like the JLG 460SJ HC3, for our customers remains at the core of everything we do,” concludes Green.