New technology set to revolutionise sanitation of occupied spaces

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the risk that we are all at from contracting infections, either airborne or via contact with other people or even contaminated surfaces, no matter how clean they may appear.

We are all accustomed to keeping customers safe from more conventional dangers like possible injury due to wet floors etc, but the coronavirus has squarely centred attention on how to keep customers safe from an altogether more sinister, yet invisible danger: pathogens.

No matter how clean you keep your retail store, hospital, pharmacy, or office, there remains significant risk that a customer or staff member may unknowingly spread the feared coronavirus pathogen around your premises. New reports on how long the virus may remain active on surfaces and even on bank notes are not reassuring at all, and from an operational standpoint, it simply makes no sense to continuously throughout the business day decontaminate surfaces etc.

Enter Purple Haze, a company on the cutting edge of the development of new FAR UVC  technologies that are first and foremost completely safe for people, and that kills all known pathogens including Covid-19 effectively. Used in conjunction with daily cleaning and Covid 19 safe protocols it offers the first human safe continuous autonomous sanitation solution.

Making use of far UVC technology, which, unlike conventional UVC lights operates at 222nm (instead of the 254nm of conventional UVC), it is completely safe for people and animals, posing no danger whatsoever, even with prolonged exposure. This allows for the effective continuous disinfection of occupied spaces using far UVC technology.

Far UVC, in addition to killing all known pathogens, also kills off moulds that would typically grow on fresh produce etc, thereby helping to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables by up to 40%.

Purple Haze Technologies, the company responsible for introducing this technology to South Africa, is currently in a transition, from small local players, to major international players, having entered into an agreement with international investors to further develop, design,  manufacture and distribute this technology in South Africa and internationally.

The new entity will be known as Far UVC Africa, and their range of products will enable businesses of all types, across most industries to effectively, in conjunction with standard cleaning protocols and safety measures, eliminate coronavirus and any other harmful pathogens.

Their products range from ceiling mount units to hand sanitation units and safe entry gateway units, even air filtration systems using far UVC technology to kill 99.98% of all harmfull pathogens in one fifth of a second in a 500cfm (cubic feet per minute) airflow.

According to Conrad Kullmann, Purple Haze CEO, far UVC technology is on the brink of revolutionising efforts to ensure safe indoor environments. “Unlike conventional UVC technology that is currently used for disinfection, Far UVC poses no danger to people or animals as it does not penetrate human tissue, and it has no adverse effects on human skin or eyes.

“It completely eliminates viral, bacterial, and fungal cells in a matter of seconds, much faster than conventional UVC, and using much less energy than conventional UVC. When installed correctly, Far UVC will sanitise indoor air and surfaces continuously, destroying all pathogens, including Covid-19,” concludes Kullmann.

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