Real Telematics: delivering tomorrow’s technology today

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RTS is a technology company based in Pinetown, Kwazulu-Natal that has been providing world-leading connected data solutions to the manufacturing and logistics sectors for 25 years. We supply intelligent, unique, and innovative solutions that will change the way you think and how your business operates.

Our passion for creating customised solutions for real industry needs is the driving force behind our various solutions.

In 2018 we entered into a partnership with Macrocomm Telecommunications, a company driving new frontiers in telecommunications and smart solutions, forming Macrocomm-RTS. This synergy combines project planning and management, big data analytics and reporting, sensor design, and manufacture. This blend of abilities allows comprehensive solutions that deliver huge value.

2005 saw the launch of FMX, South Africa’s leading forklift fleet management system that has become the flagship product under our banner.

With its range of unique, customisable solutions, FMX offers a combination of advanced forklift fleet management features, such as:

· Full colour LCD touchscreen display
· Driver identification
· Immobilisation
· Gear control
· Run-hour and engine monitoring
· Engine, start motor, and transmission protection
· Battery and weight management and monitoring
· Health and safety risk reduction features

FMX is an integrated, comprehensive telematics solution with an array of superior features and value-added services. Some of its benefits include:

Transmission Protection:
The FMX Transmission Protection feature monitors and controls improper gear selection. It extends the life of the gearbox and tyres significantly.

Reduction in Fuel Costs:
With the FMX product, you can set the idle rev limit on your machine to the parameter required. Additionally, our idle cut-out feature will detect when the machine is not in use and prevent fuel wastage or inappropriate work practices.

Reduction in Tyre Wear:
The FMX product prevents operators changing from forward to reverse and vice-versa while the machine is moving, resulting in a saving of up to 49% on tyres. Added benefits include a limitation on wheel spinning and the added excessive tyre wear that results as well as extra protection of the drivetrain.

Limitation on Speeding:
Speeding is a health and safety concern on any site, but it also generally points to other dangerous or costly behaviour. The FMX speed governing system is applied economically, decreasing fuel usage but not harming the machine’s performance.

Reduction in Damages:
Driver access control provided by FMX enables you to identify which drivers are regularly involved in incidents which cause damage to machines, allowing you to take the necessary steps to address any issues.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs:
FMX provides real-time communication that helps reduce maintenance costs. Live reports and alerts allow for instant notifications of inappropriate actions or incidents while work is in progress.

Battery Voltage Monitoring
Battery Cut Out, Low Battery Detection, and Opportunity Charging detection can extend your battery life cycle by 2 to 3 years. Most operations get three to four years on their batteries, a well-managed charging process can extend battery life to seven years.

Touch the future of Fleet Management
The display is a full-colour, LCD-touchscreen operator interface linked to our FMX Fleet Management system which enhances the features already provided to optimise productivity and reduce operational costs. The display adds dynamic, visual feedback to the user before, during, and after operation of the machine.

Ultimately, our FMX solutions bring together all these critical features into one compact device with 24-hour round-the-clock support and monitoring provided by our Control Room team.

Leading manufacturers and logistics companies countrywide trust FMX to deliver cost-effective, safe, and simple monitoring of all associated resources. We are proud to provide tomorrow’s technology today.

For more information, or to get in touch with us, please visit our website at or give us a call on 0861 000 342.