Yale Sees Rise In Robotics

Materials Handling giant Yale has reported growing uptake of its robotic machines Yale is seeing growing adoption of its robotics range that can be linked to a warehouse management system but can also be switched to manual operation at the touch of a button. “At Yale, we’ve implemented the technology and software in order to […]

Manufacturing Sector Should Rethink Approach In A Post COVID-19 World

By Myen Pather, Business Manager at Decision Inc. Myen Pather, Business Manager at Decision Inc COVID-19 cannot take all the blame for the disruptions taking place in the global economy. The pandemic and resultant lockdown simply provided a conduit for highlighting the failings across industries in South Africa, whether that is healthcare, public transport, education, […]

Drones Boost Healthcare Supply Chains

Freddy Nkosi, DRC country director for VillageReach Health workers serving remote communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) must often undertake a six-day return journey to collect vaccines, traversing dense tropical forests and often the raging Congo River and its tributaries. Drone technology is offering a lifesaving solution to the challenges, including helping to […]

Global Marketplace Launched For Businesses

The www.allsurplus.com marketing platform is aimed at promoting access for business to over 3.5 million global buyers An evolutionary digital marketplace, www.allsurplus.com backed by one of the world’s largest asset disposal companies, Liquidity Services, is set to change the way local companies can purchase or dispose of assets to a truly national, regional, and international buyer base. […]

Smart Media Doubles The Power Of In-Store Digital Media

In-store advertising specialists Smart Media are proud to announce another in-store digital innovation; the double-sided digital hanging boards. These digital boards are perfect for grabbing the attention of today’s busy customers. This new offering is launching in 14 key Dis-Chem stores across the country. Strategic placement for maximum impact “These slim, elegant double-sided digital boards […]

Your Business Got Hacked? Here Are Five Things To Do Next

The recent Experian data breach saw close to 800 000 businesses along with over 24 million South Africans’ information left on the internet exposed to cybercriminals. After Experian’s earlier announcement that the stolen data had been retrieved and accounted for, the data has surprisingly resurfaced again on the internet, now being shared via a Swedish […]